We'll help you get your legals sorted.


We created On Your Terms to help you get paid on time, protect your ideas, stress less, and build great relationships. We combine technology with human legal expertise so you can sort your legals online 24/7, at price you can afford.  

Driven by purpose

Unlike traditional legal services, On Your Terms is powered by innovative technology and driven by purpose. We're here to improve access to legal services for all New Zealand businesses. 

Our technology allows you to say goodbye to non-transparent hourly rates and hello to upfront, fixed pricing. Our documents are created by lawyers with at least 15 years of legal experience and peer-reviewed, twice. We use simple language (no legalese) so everyone understands their responsibilities. Now, it's easy to create, download, sign... and go!

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Our story

On Your Terms is female-founded and led by Nat, Claire and Di, three highly experienced commercial lawyers. We saw first-hand how lawyers were frequently failing to deliver good outcomes for SMEs, and we knew ‘there had to be a better way’.

Small business owners across New Zealand overwhelmingly told us they weren’t happy with expensive and unresponsive traditional legal services. Other industries were improving service access through technology, so we set out to find a new way to provide faster, simpler and more affordable business legals.

Environmental, Social and Governance

How we engage and interact with our customers, staff, suppliers, communities and planet is always front of mind, and we are passionate about making a positive environmental and social impact.

Our current ESG focus is:

  • Health and wellbeing: All our staff work remotely, with 100% flexibility. We understand everyone has competing time pressures, and we encourage health and family to come first.
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion: We are committed to supporting the diverse SME community in Aotearoa New Zealand and making understandable, jargon-free legal resources available to everyone. With the continuing gender pay gap and ‘glass ceiling’, as a female-owned and led business, we hope to encourage the younger generation of lawyers and other female business leaders.
  • Community engagement: We value engagement with the SME community, and having strong relationships with our partners is vital to us.
  • Materials management: We deliver all our products and communications digitally. Being paper-free and investing in electronic signature technology (coming soon) reduces our paper waste.
  • Emissions: We are a fully digital and virtual business with minimal waste and low energy consumption.
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How we're different


We are On Your Terms

An NZ legal tech business making it faster, easier and more affordable for SMEs to get legal help and connect with expert law firms. All On Your Terms legal documents are created for NZ businesses by NZ-qualified and experienced lawyers, made available to you at a fixed price. Thanks to our clever technology, most of our legal documents can be created in under 15 minutes. And we're 100% online, 24/7.

We are not a law firm

A traditional law firm is a regulated business providing legal advice by one or more of the 16,000+ lawyers in NZ. Quality varies, and high quality service is often priced out of reach for small businesses. Businesses like yours told us traditional law firms can be slow and intimidating.

We are not a legal template provider

These services provide document templates, but are often based on overseas law. They can contain terms that are illegal, unenforceable or irrelevant for NZ. Many templates are not drafted by lawyers, and rarely by NZ-qualified lawyers. There is a high probability of user error when you are asked to fill out Word documents without sufficient guidance. Most do not use modern automation technology.

Our Partners

We partner with carefully chosen, specialist New Zealand law firms and legal service providers who share our values, to help create our legal products and give you access to leading legal expertise when you need it. All our partners share our vision of creating a faster, simpler and more affordable way for SMEs to access legal services. They are committed to transparent pricing and predominantly use a fixed fee model. Click below to contact our partners and let them know you are an On Your Terms customer. If you’re interested in improving accessibility of legal services to SMEs we’d love to chat with you about working together. 

It's time for a change


As Derek Bok, former president of Harvard University and former dean of its law school famously observed -

"There is far too much law for those who can afford it and far too little for those who cannot."

Join New Zealand's new way to legal.