Hello! We are On Your Terms Limited (called we, us, or our below). These Terms of Use (called Terms below) apply when you visit our website or social media accounts (called Sites) or buy or access any documents, resources, interactive tools, guides, checklists, or other information or products or services we have available on our website (called a Product below). We may change these Terms by posting the new terms on our website. The new Terms will apply to any Products purchased after the new Terms are uploaded.

If you don’t agree to our Terms, you must stop accessing and using our Sites.


Not legal advice

  • We are not a law firm or your lawyer and we do not provide legal advice. The use of our Products does not create a lawyer-client relationship. The Products we provide are of a general nature, designed for common situations, and may not be suitable for your specific needs or circumstances. If you need legal advice, we provide you access to a network of law firm partners able to help you (for a fee). Although reasonable care is taken in selecting our law firm partners, we are not responsible for any services they provide to you or their actions or omissions and we do not make any promises as to the quality or efficiency of the services you receive.
  • We use reasonable endeavours to ensure our Products are accurate, up-to-date, and correct, but we can’t guarantee they will be completely accurate, up-to-date, or complete.
  • You are responsible for the information you input into our chatbot questionnaires, any editing you do of the documents once downloaded, and how you sign the documents. We are not responsible for any changes you make to our Products.
  • We can’t promise our Products will be fit for your purposes. Other than as set out in these Terms, or required by law, we do not provide any warranties or guarantees for our Products. You are responsible for choosing the correct Product for your purposes.

Your account

  • To access our Products, you must register an account with us. Please only provide your own, accurate details so we can make sure you receive your Products.
  • You must not share your password or login information for the Sites with anyone else (other than where you are registering on behalf of a business).
  • You are responsible for any unauthorised use or misuse of your passwords and the resulting use of our Sites and Products.

Intellectual Property rights and your rights to use the content

  • All intellectual property rights (including copyright) in the Sites and their content and Products, including in the text, graphics, logos, trade marks, design, structure, video or audio expression, look and feel, and arrangement of content, content of the master documents, any software forming part of the Sites, or any Products, interactive tools or bots (called IP), are owned by us or our suppliers or licensors. Your use of the Sites does not grant any ownership rights in our IP to you or anyone else.
  • As long as you link back to our Sites and provide a named credit, feel free to:
    • link to our Sites or a specific post
    • sample and re-post up to 200 words on any other site, or
    • print one copy of the content for your personal use
  • You do not have permission to:
    • sell, distribute, share or otherwise re-use our IP (digital or hard copies) for commercial purposes
    • re-post any content in its entirety somewhere else,
    • share the documents created by our Products with anyone else for their own separate use, or
    • change, transform, build upon, copy, or create derivative works from this content.
  • You may only use our IP to view or use the Sites or Products and not for any other purposes.
  • You must not modify or incorporate our IP into any other work, publication, or website.
  • We can withdraw this right to use our IP, it is not exclusive to you, and you cannot transfer it to anyone else.

How to purchase Products - fixed price per Product

  • You place an order by selecting your Products and making payment at the checkout. We accept your order when we receive your payment.
  • When you purchase a Product, you have access to that Product for the period stated on our website. Following the expiry of that access period, you will no longer have access to that Product unless you purchase it again.  Products may only be used for one set of facts or circumstances. Different fact scenarios require additional purchases of the Product.

Subscription Plan

  • To have unlimited access to all our Products you may purchase an annual subscription for $79 per month (including GST). The terms and conditions in this section apply to all subscription customers and to the extent there is any conflict with other terms in our Terms of Use, these terms apply.
  • To purchase a subscription membership you must contact us at hello@onyourterms.co.nz and make payment. Your subscription fee must be paid in advance in one annual amount of $948 (including GST). Your subscription will not automatically renew on expiry. We will not hold your credit card details. We will contact you before the expiry of your subscription plan to determine whether you would like to renew it.
  • You may cancel the subscription at any time by emailing us at hello@onyourterms.co.nz, but you will not be entitled to a refund.
  • You agree not to share your account details with any other person and you can’t assign or transfer your subscription to any other person.
  • You must only use the Sites and our Products for your own lawful business purposes. Subscription plans for lawyers practising in private practice on-selling our Products are available for an additional fee.

Don’t harm the Sites

You must not:

  • alter our Sites or use the Sites in a way that could interfere with the performance of the Sites or any other user’s use of the Sites
  • disable or interfere with any security-related features of the Sites
  • use any programs, scripts, bots, or other automated technology to scrape or access the Sites or hijack user accounts or log-in sessions
  • introduce viruses, malicious code, or similar material that could harm or interfere with the Sites or other users of the Sites, or
  • harm the Sites in any other way.

Don’t harm others

You must not use the Sites:

  • for any offensive, unlawful, discriminatory, threatening, fraudulent, or harmful purposes or for any activity that violates the rights of others
  • for any phishing, trolling, or similar activities
  • to defraud, scam, hack, swindle, or deceive other users of the Sites
  • to breach someone’s privacy or other legal rights
  • to collect contact information of other users or to send any unsolicited communication to other users, or
  • to impersonate any other person or organisation.

Our rights

We are allowed to:

  • change the Sites, including content or functionality
  • cancel or remove the Sites
  • monitor your use of the Sites (subject to our privacy obligations), or
  • if you fail to comply with these Terms or breach any laws, block your use of the Sites, remove any content uploaded by you, or take legal action against you.

Information on the Website

  • We do not guarantee any content on the Sites is accurate, complete, or fit for your purposes.
  • Any statements by other people or content included by other people on the Sites are the views of that person and may not represent our views.
  • Any reviews on the Sites are provided by users of our Products based on their experiences, you may not have the same experience.

We can use the content you upload to our Sites

Where you upload, post or submit content to the Sites:

  • you must own any content you upload, post or submit to the Sites or the content owner must have given you the right to upload, post or submit the content
  • you give us an indefinite, worldwide right to use, copy, change, display, or share (free of charge) any content you provide
  • you must not post anyone else’s personal information or images without their express permission
  • you must not post any content on the Sites that is offensive, unlawful, discriminatory, threatening, or harmful to other people, and
  • you must pay us the full amount of any costs or loss we experience because of any content you upload, post or submit to the Sites, including where another person makes a claim against us for something you do.

Pricing and payment

  • All prices displayed on the website are in NZ dollars and are inclusive of any goods and services tax payable under the New Zealand Goods and Services Tax Act 1985.
  • We aim to list current and accurate Product information on our website at all times. However, errors may occur.
  • We may change our prices at any time and we don’t have to give you notice.
  • You will be directed to Stripe’s (our payment provider) website to complete payment. Their terms and conditions will also apply to your transaction.
  • We do not hold your payment details– we use PCI compliant payment gateway provided by Stripe. Your payment details will be held by Stripe.
  • We may create discount codes that may be redeemable for discounted Products. A discount code cannot be duplicated, sold or transferred to another customer, is only valid for the stated period (unless cancelled earlier by us) and cannot be resold or exchanged for cash. You can only use one discount code per purchase.


If you buy a Product from us and are not satisfied with it, let us know within 10 days by email to hello@onyourterms.co.nz and we will work with you to make you sure you’re happy, which may include a full refund of the purchase price for that product. If we provide a full refund, you must delete the document you have downloaded from our Site and not store, copy, reproduce, share or otherwise use our intellectual property in that document in any way.

The things we can’t guarantee

  • The internet is not secure and therefore we can’t guarantee the security of your data.
  • We can’t guarantee the Sites are totally secure or virus-free, even though we have reasonable security measures in place to protect any personal information you provide us. The Sites are provided “as is”.
  • We do not guarantee the quality, performance, or fitness for purpose of the Sites, or that your use of the Sites will be faultless, secure, timely, or continuous.
  • We do not give guarantees or assurances about other people’s products and/or services on the Sites.
  • The Sites may contain links to other websites operated by other people that we do not control. We do not endorse or approve those websites and we have no liability for the content or security of those websites. Please be aware the privacy policies for those websites may be different from ours.

Your rights under Consumer Law

  • If you are in New Zealand and a consumer of our Products (for your personal use), you have certain rights under the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 and the Fair Trading Act 1986 (Consumer Law). If we do not meet our obligations to you under Consumer Law, you may be entitled to remedies. Nothing in these Terms excludes, restricts, or modifies your rights under Consumer Law. You agree the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 does not apply to any Products you purchase for commercial or business purposes.
  • We will not pay you any more than we are required to under Consumer Law for any costs or other loss you experience related to your use of (or inability to use) the Sites or related to any Products you purchase from us. We exclude all other direct or indirect liability (including in negligence). This includes your reliance on, or any errors in, information on the Sites, the Products, any malicious technologies that, through your use of the Sites, infect your device or systems, and any data loss or corruption.

When you must cover us for our loss

You must pay us the full amount of any costs or loss we experience because of your access to, or use of, our Sites or our Products, or your failure to comply with these Terms or any applicable law. This includes if you damage the website or if another person makes a legal claim against us for something you do.

Our other terms

Our privacy policy (available at www.onyourterms.co.nz/privacy-policy) sets out our commitments regarding personal information we collect from you.

The law that applies to these Terms

New Zealand law applies to these Terms. Any dispute relating to these Terms that we cannot resolve with you must be resolved in the New Zealand courts. The Products relate to New Zealand law only. Although the Sites may be accessed from countries outside New Zealand, we do not promise our Sites or Products comply with the laws outside of New Zealand. If you access our Sites or purchase our Products from outside New Zealand you do so at your own risk.